in Independence
                   April 2014

Once Again Handel's Messiah in Independence
Friday & Saturday, April 11 & 12, 2014 - 7:30 p.m.

In 1741, deep in debt and out of favor as a composer, George Frideric Handel accepted a commission for a benefit concert in Dublin, Ireland. On August 22 the fifty-six-year-old sequestered himself in his London home and began to compose music to biblical texts heralding the life of Jesus Christ. Twenty-three days later, he completed a 260-page oratorio he named Messiah. Without question, this brilliant masterpiece has thrilled and inspired listeners from Handel’s time to our own.

This year’s community event features an outstanding choir with soloists including Matt Black, Timothy Ritchie, Jan Millard, Jill Etter, Rachel O’Keefe, and others, joined together with John Davies at the organ, Mount Zion Orchestra and director, Alice Beebe.

As we were preparing for this Easter Messiah program, we discussed the possibility of having a beautiful exhibit of paintings significant to the message in Handel's Messiah.  We are pleased to make available six beautiful paintings by a renown portrait and gallery artist, Del Parson.  We invite all to come and participate in this glorious presentation of Handel's Messiah and enjoy the accompanying paintings.

The Easter season specifically focuses on the Savior's life, His mission, His sacrifice, and His resurrection.  What better time to celebrate with the beautiful words and music of Handel's Messiah than just before Easter.

This is a community event and all are invited to participate and we look forward to more people joining with us to make this another wonderful, successful and spiritually moving experience.  The program is free to the public, however, because seating is limited, everyone will need a ticket.  Please go to the above ticket reservation tab or call 816-252-1445 to reserve your tickets.

We do look forward to another glorious Messiah weekend.  Again, the dates are Friday and Saturday, April 11 & 12, 2014, at the historic Stone Church in Independence, Missouri.